Dana Blair Designs: Handcrafted Jewelry As Individual As You Are


We are all individuals, and choose our colors and styles with that idea in mind.  Dana Blair designs creates all of it’s jewelry with the ideas of individuality, lightness and distinction as its main focus. Each piece is created for functionality, with each individual wearer in mind. Like the human spirit, stones are permeable. Each stone brings out those spaces in the spirit that have been drained and help enhance what is naturally within.

Who We Are

Dana Blair, started designing jewelry in July of 2002. She always enjoyed creating gifts for family and friends with each person’s personality and aura in mind. Later that summer after designing a necklace for her mother interest in her jewelry rapidly began to grow. Dana Blair designs was officially created that fall. Every piece is handmade and completely original.  In July 2006, Dana Blair Designs was launched and 3 to 4 collections per year are available online.

Dana Blair designs was started as a custom business. Dana knows that one size does not fit all.  Bracelets and rings come in many different sizes.  And most necklaces come on various length chains and the stones can be individualized as well. Go to the custom order page on this site for more details.

Who We Work With

Dana Blair Designs works with a wide variety of clients. While based in NYC from 2006-2012 we shared a store with many talented designers in NoHo. During this time, we also worked with Henri Bendel for 4 years as well as many Bloomingdale’s locations, mainly their 59th Street location. In 2013 Dana Blair designs relocated to Los Angeles. During this time, we have established a location in Venice beach and travel throughout the United States to work with music festivals, museums, non- profit organizations and private client parties. We can also be found in many boutiques throughout the US, Europe and in the Maldives.
Kindness & Hope (K& H)  seemed like a perfect partnership as giving back has always been very important to Dana Blair. As a child she stated donating part of her allowance to St. Jude research hospital and continued that spirit after collage while working as a volunteer to bring the NY chapter of Habitat for Humanity to the NYC area.

Giving Back

Dana Blair designs donates jewelry to various non-profit organizations for fundraising events. One most important organization to her is the Brooke Jackman Foundation, Inc. Brooke, 23, perished in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. Her goal was to go to graduate school for social work and help underprivileged children through education. Her family wanted to see her spirit and compassion for those in need live on, and her vision fulfilled. This foundation brings tools for literacy through programs and events including “Brooke’s Book”, a program incorporated into the summer camp Goddard Riverside Community Center in NYC. Also the foundation sponsors scholarships at high school, donates books to school libraries, and donates toys for children to social service agencies. To learn more please go to www.brookejackmanfoundation.org.

We have also been working with the McDowell Mountain Music Festival in Phoenix and just finished our 3rd Season.  All vendors make an initial donation to be part of the festival. It is run by volunteers and all ticket sales go to local organizations including the Phoenix Children’s Museum and the Children’s Hospital of Phoenix.  Please go to www.mmmf.org for more info

Other organizations we work or have worked with include: Heather on Earth, The American Cancer Society, Turn the Corner, Learning Spring, Contactors for Kids, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Hope Clinic for Women as well as private schools in Los Angeles and NY.

Other organizations include: Heather on Earth and the American Cancer Society, Turn the Corner, Learning Spring and Contactors for Kids.


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