Reflecting on the past year and how so many people helped combat hate with kindness, by Mary Rendina


On October 10, 2017, when I first came up with the idea of doing #58RandomActsofKindness in memory of the 58 Angels who were taken too soon, I never would have never imagined that we would have over 5,200 Kindness Ambassadors around the world participating just three months later!

Every day, I am inspired by the outpouring of love and generosity to complete strangers by our members. With each RAOK, a glimmer of hope is restored to the broken and brings about healing in the hearts of the giver and recipient.

The best part about this is that it is RANDOM and we have opportunities each day to express kindness to those around us.

Not everyone has the financial means to purchase gift cards or leave a big tip for a server, but picking up the phone to call a friend or family member who needs to be encouraged, is a simple act, but so very impactful.

Teaching little ones to be kind by delivering baked goods, or used clothing to neighbors, or strangers is a way of extending a RAOK. Talking to them about being kind to a classmate who might be bullied, is another way.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to extend a RAOK while visiting my son who is in Guam serving in the Military. I met Cassie at one of the outreaches I did when I arrived in Guam. She and her three sons aged 12, 9 and 7, were living in her car while waiting for section 8 housing.

It broke my heart to think of her and her babies waking up on Christmas morning in her car. So, my son and I rented a hotel room for two nights, bought them gifts, food and took my sons’ Christmas tree to set up in the hotel room. With the help of my friend Sabrina, we arranged for Cassie and her boys to meet me us at the hotel. The looks on their faces were priceless when we revealed the Christmas surprise.

I told the boys to watch a movie while their mom took a much-needed long hot bath with the bath set I bought her. The mom started to cry —  she was so worn out.

The boys later said it was the best time they’ve all ever had.

I shared with one of our #58randomactsofkindness Ambassadors the story of Cassie and her sons. She asked if she could send me $100 via Paypal to give to the family. I hadn’t even gotten a chance to tell Cassie about the $100 when I got a message that she found a place to live but needed to come up with a deposit for the utilities.
We asked how much and she said $58!!!

We told her about the $100. She started crying stating we did so much already.

Her 7-year-old said, “Mom it’s a miracle!”

When she came to pick up the money, she told us she used to work in a hotel as a manager before she fell on hard times. I believe in 2018, God is going to continue to work in their lives and restore all that they have lost.  So many people in 2017. fell on hard times and are struggling to get back on their feet; struggling to have the life they deserve.

#58RandomActsof Kindness is not a campaign simply because a campaign has a beginning and end dates. This has become something so much more than that — my desire is that this movement continues to spread and changes the culture in a way so that we become so much kinder to people: We live one life at a time because I believe it truly is better to give than to receive!”

More than once I have been asked what happens when a participant completes their58 RAOK, the answer is you start over again making it a lifestyle. Making an impact on the world with these acts of kindness.

We have people who completed their #58RandomActsofKindess, request a list of the
58 birthdates so they can mark their calendars and do a RAOK on the birthdays of the 58 Angels who perished.

If you are not already participating, I invite you to join us by going to our FB page #58RandomActsofKindness and be part of a Kindness Revolution that is designed to overshadow darkness with the light of love because we believe #lovewins.




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