HopeShades: Sunglasses that give to charity

Do you want to make a difference?

 Join the #ShareHOPE movement and lets bring HOPE to people and families all over the World. HOPE Shades is on a mission to Change 1 Million Lives by 2018 and we need your help to do that. Not only will you be helping people all over the world when you wear and share HOPE Shades but you will be putting money in your pocket as we believe our Customers should be rewarded for spreading the word and Helping Others. We give you 10% every time you share and someone buys our products.  For example if you share your link and a friend buys $200 of product you will make $20. Now since We are focused on Global Change we give you the option to take that money and pocket it or donate it to one of the Charities that we work with.


    • You receive 15% off your first order.
    • Be the first to get new products before they are released.
    • Give input on Future Designs
    • Make 10% on any sale made from your referral
    • Make 5% from the sale of anyone that you bring to the team.
    • Show the World that you care as when you wear HOPE Shades you are making a statement that you want to make a difference.
    • #ShareHOPE around the globe and Make a real impact in the lives of people that need HOPE the most.


HOPE for Breast Cancer

HOPE for Cancer



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