Not All Angels Have Wings…But Many Do

Sometimes all that stands between a sick child and the treatment they need is the means to get there.

Public charter JetSuiteX announced today (Friday) that it’s commemorating its one-year anniversary by donating $25,000 worth of JetSuiteX seats to Angel Flight West to help provide air travel to individuals with serious medical conditions. The donation translates to transportation for 100 patients in NorCal, SoCal and Nevada to their treatments at some of the nation’s best medical facilities aboard JetSuiteX. The official announcement will be made at the Angel Flight West 2017 Endeavor Awards in Los Angeles on May 6.

JetSuiteX is also supporting the Earth Angel ground transportation initiative by donating a Napa Valley air and ground travel package worth more than $2,500 to the Endeavor Awards silent auction. All proceeds from the auction donation will go to assisting patients with ground transportation to and from the flights and their treatment locations.

“When we created JetSuiteX, it was with the idea that we could make flying easier and more comfortable for our passengers, and we’re honored to extend that to the patients and clients that Angel Flight West serves,” said Alex Wilcox, Founder and CEO of JetSuiteX. “We believe our model of flying public charter service in and out of private terminals is a great fit for Angel Flight’s needs; they will always be able to count on JetSuiteX to get their patients there on schedule. We’re honored to open our comfortable cabins to these deserving individuals, and excited to help them both in the air and on the ground.”

Angel Flight West Executive Director Josh Olson adds, “Angel Flight West is thrilled at the opportunity to offer access to care for more patients in need of often lifesaving medical treatment thanks to our new partnership with JetSuiteX. The patients we serve are overwhelmed by the emotional, financial, and physical demands of advanced illnesses. JetSuiteX, along with our volunteer pilots and commercial airline partners, relieve the extreme stress of transportation to care because of their amazingly generous curb-to-curb service.”

Angel Flight West links volunteer pilots and commercial airlines with people whose non-emergency health needs require air transportation to access care. On the ground, volunteer drivers ferry passengers to and from their departure and destination airports. You can find more information about Angel Flight West HERE and to donate, please click HERE. Every amount brings a child closer to care.

Christian, courtesy of Angel Flight West


Jennifer Birn

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