Be Kind: Pledge your support to stop bullying

The issue of bullying is a universal one and perhaps, due to the impact of social media, the problem has exacerbated — it’s no longer confined to the playground, but now bullying is played out for the world to see.

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Britain’s ITV’s This Morning have tackled a number of issues on their show and now they are taking on one of their biggest challenges yet. This Morning have launched a new campaign that aims to deal with the issue of bullying through the use of a hard hitting and emotional true story video.

Presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were left speechless after interviewing Lucy Alexander, a mother from Worcester, who’s son Felix stepped in front of a train last year after years of relentless bullying.

Take the pledge to ‘be kind’

Philip and Holly are encouraging children and adults to be kind to others

Lucy Alexander penned an open letter to the public detailing her son’s bright and caring nature and his struggle dealing with bullies who named him ‘the most hated boy in school’. After their interview with the grieving mother, the shows presenters and bosses decided that they needed to do something to join the fight against bullies.

“It began with unkindness and social isolation and over the years, with the advent of social media, it became cruel and overwhelming. People who had never even met Felix were abusing him over social media and he found that he was unable to make and keep friends as it was difficult to befriend the most ‘hated’ boy in the school.”

The ‘Be Kind’ campaign is a video that is aimed at parents, carers and teachers, who can make a pledge that after watching the video, they will show it to the young people in their care.

During the interview, two mothers tell their own unthinkable stories of how they found out that their children had committed suicide as a result of depressive feelings caused by bullying.

The video is extremely honest and may be difficult to watch for some people, but it is hoped that by hearing the tragic and unfortunately fatal outcomes for these families, young people watching the video may think twice before targeting their peers.

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