Introducing the ‘Everyone Is Equal’ initiative


In theory, each and every one of us should have an equal playing deck from the very beginning, to give everyone the best shot at this business called life. In reality, however, some are dealt a good hand of cards, others a bad one. But, regardless of our cards, we are all human beings and should be treated accordingly.

The homeless issue in Los Angeles County is becoming more problematic by the day as the numbers of those living on the streets, continue to soar. Last year alone, the homeless population increased by 23 %, pushing the numbers to nearly 58,000 people without a home. There is an indication, that these numbers are an underestimate of just how many people don’t have a roof over their head.

Today’s front page of the L.A. Times

At the time these figures were released, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn said in a statement: “It is clear that if we are going to end the homeless crisis, we need to stem the overwhelming tide of people falling into homelessness.”

West Adams resident active in efforts to combat homelessness in South Los Angeles, Leslie Evans, added: “These are scary numbers.”

They’re not scary — they’re downright frightening.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has long put the homeless issue at the forefront, said at a news conference: “Our city is in the midst of an extraordinary homelessness crisis that needs an extraordinary response. These men, these women, these children are our neighbors.”

They are — and they are also people.

From so many of my interviews, what has resonated so loudly, is that fact homeless people are treated with such disgust, disregard, and disrespect. However, none of us know their story and know the circumstances that led to them sleeping on the street, but we still feel we have the right to judge.  We don’t!

While I am out actively raising funds to deliver care packages to homeless women (you can always donate, here and to get a better insight into the plight of homeless women, read this article), what would really be appreciated and really have an impact, is if people said hello to a someone on the streets, not shift their eyes to the ground and turn their heads.


The “Everyone is Equal” initiative involves helping those on the streets but also educating the general population about the harsh brutality that those who are homeless endure. The only way to do that is to bring these stories from the streets to you, to evoke compassion and understanding, in the hope others can extend kindness to those who have all but lost hope.

Keep abreast of what we are doing for the homeless and the new interviews at Homeless In The City Of Angels.

Be sure to see how this unfold, with new videos journalling people’s stories, by clicking here.

Most importantly, please be kind to those less fortunate.


Article by melissa

Melissa Myers is a trained journalist, working in London and New York. She worked for all of the national newspapers in the U.K. as a celebrity journalist and was News Director of In Touch magazine in the U.S. In 2017, she decided to focus on making a difference in the world and launched her website When she is not publishing real-life stories that seek to inspire those facing adversity, she is feeding 100 homeless people weekly on the West Side of L.A. and helps find rescue animals a home. Melissa also builds websites for a variety of clientele and runs social media campaigns for non-profits. When she isn't surfing, she spends time with her own little rescue pup, Peanut

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