A heartbreaking reminder of why we need to take care of our female vets

America’s female veteran population is largely ignored. When people think of the consequences those who serve pay, they automatically think of men and their battle with PTSD. While not to diminish the battle the males face, there is also an urgent need to also focused upon their female counterparts, too.

Females are now comprising the fastest growing homeless population in America and they are battling with PTSD and additionally, sexual trauma. Rape is a common theme amongst women who serve and those scars may never, ever, truly heal.

This emotionally-charged video created by TV’s renowned relationship expert and author, Dr. Gilda Carle, gives a heart rendering insight into what female vets face every day — after risking their lives to save others, it is certainly in no way fair the battles they have to face when they come home. And, more importantly, without support.

The stories below are distressing to watch, but they must be told and seen before real change can come about.


Please support Country Cures®, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, that is really making a difference and transforming the lives of female vets.

The below two stories are perfect examples of the postive impact Country Cures® has had on giving female vets hope when they felt hopeless.

Read Lisa’s story, by clicking HERE.

Read Sonya’s story, by clicking HERE.


Article by melissa

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    This is both street smart and inleetiglnt.

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