A group of 11-year-old’s assemble over 500 hygiene kits for the homeless on Thanksgiving

They may only be youngsters, but this group of children is already making a huge difference to those whose life entails sleeping on the streets day in, day out.

With the help of After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles, Share Hope USA collected and assembled over 500 Hygiene Kits for the homeless on November 17, which will be distributed to those on the streets in Southern California for Thanksgiving.

“Thank you to all the volunteers that came and helped assemble them all,” the organization said. “Thank you to all those who helped in collecting them. We can not be Difference Makers without you.”

Share Hope USA was founded by Symond Boschetto when he was just 8.

“I started Share Hope USA when I was 8 because I could not understand why someone would be hungry and without a bed to sleep on,” he explains. “Now I am 11 years old, and to be honest, I still can’t understand it. It is my mission to Share Hope to all I can. Through the help of an amazing group of Volunteers and Sponsors. We have been able to feed, clothe, cut the hair, groom pets, of over 22,000 men, women, and children. I am so grateful to all who support me and share my mission…. to you, I say Thank You.”

Share Hope USA founder Symond Boschetto

The goal of the organization is to be a vocal advocate for the hungry, displaced, and hopeless. They travel to help children, homeless, and families in need.

You can learn more about this teenager’s extraordinary efforts in helping to facilitate change by clicking HERE.


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