Fighting for little Ricky

When Ricky was just one, he was surrendered into the South Los Angeles shelter. The sweet, shy Collie Terrier mix was riddled with health issues including abdomen fluid, whipworm parasite, and anemia.

The little warrior is now being brought to good health by the Animal Wellness Foundation and needs a loving foster home while he gets back in tip-top shape.

“Just like people, some animals aren’t born with perfect health,” says the Aminal Wellness Foundation’s Juliana Riccardi. “And, just like with people, lack of care and treatment only makes for more suffering. That’s why we’re giving Ricky the daily care he needs at our veterinarian facility in Marina Del Rey while monitoring the progress of treatments. We are more than hopeful we can improve Ricky’s comfort, happiness, and health while finding him his forever home.”

She adds: “He is young and adorable and deserves the best.”

Donations are also needed for very serious surgery. Ricky has an enlarged heart, and fluid build-up between the abdomen and the heart sac. There is a tiny hole in his diaphragm allowing this fluid to travel between heart and stomach. This is extremely uncomfortable for him and draining is happening every few days. He is also fighting a whipworm parasite. The surgery will close the hole in his diaphragm. Doctors continue to treat him, make him comfortable and investigate the cause of build-up.

To learn more about Ricky, please click HERE.

To donate to his surgery, click HERE.

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Article by Mel