Brave Slater Walker succumbs to brain cancer at 6 leaving behind a lasting legacy

Back in March this year, young Slater Walker was told he only had a few months to live after every medical avenue to cure his brain cancer had now failed. He had been battling stage 2/3 brain cancer since he was 17-months old. Now, it was deemed terminal.
He fought and he fought, but most importantly, however, he lived his last months with zest and a steely determination to fulfill some of his dying wishes.
Unfortunately on Wednesday, August 11th, Slater lost his battle against the disease.


Helping Australians stranded abroad get home

While many Australians believe that those people living overseas should have taken the government’s advice and packed up their entire lives and headed back home in March 2019, there seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding that it wasn’t that easy with numerous variables involved — especially the fact that no one was really aware of just how bad the COVID pandemic was about to become and how it would bring economies around the world to their knees.

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To say the past 12 months have been easy on anyone, would be the world’s biggest understatement. Plagued by death, heartbreak, continuous lockdowns, economies on the brink of collapsing, higher unemployment rates, which has seen the division between the rich and poor widened even more, and a tumultuous political landscape in America, we all have […]