About Us

By sharing heart-rendering stories of those who have looked adversity in the face and triumphed, we seek to empower people again, inspire kindness, instill hope, and create change.


To increase the exposure of non-profits that are making a difference and create awareness for their cause.



To create a highly visible platform for people to participate in the causes they care about, helping people who need it most.

Kindness & Hope is a special affiliate of Country Cures® a 501c3 non-profit organization

A letter from the Editor

Melissa Myers


Everyone has a story, some more tragic and heartbreaking than others. There's no logic which provides an explanation as to why some people are dealt crueler hands than others, seemingly giving them no chance to prosper. There's no rationale why, we as humans, can't be a little kinder to those in need. Kinder to each other.

We currently live in a tumultuous time, and it is now, more than ever, we all should use our voice to create change, a better world for us all, whether we are rich or poor.

We must all seek to spread hope where we can, and be kind to each other, as they are the fundamental basics of being a human being.

We hope that the stories featured on Kindness and Hope will show the true courageousness of people and the resilience of the human spirit. We hope that it will be a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is hope, you are not alone and things can, and will, get better.

Spread love, not hate.




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