5 Ways To Help Rescue Animals in L.A.

As Los Angeles’ homeless population soars, so too does the rate of animals discarded. Many animals, who once had a home, find themselves dumped at a local shelter due to having a negligent owner. Humans have the ability to understand their surroundings and the processing skills required to accept that life is a rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs. Animals do not. They have no idea why they were tossed aside when all they wanted was love and a safe home.

BUT, you can bring happiness to homeless companion animals — here are five ways you can inject some much-need TLC into their lives.


Each moment spent with a rescue animal is priceless. From petting, walking, brushing, playing, bathing, to simply giving your company – there’s something for everyone to contribute. Socialization and basic care assistance are crucial in keeping rescue animals happy and healthy.

If you are located in Los Angeles with easy access to Culver City and Marina Del Rey, please email juliana@animalwellnessfoundation.org to schedule an orientation.


The Animal Wellness Foundation prides itself on providing top-notch and responsible medical care with their partner, Animal Wellness Centers. All rescues are spayed, neutered and vaccinated by our team of veterinarians helping to prevent the spread of disease and end dog and cat overpopulation.

Beyond these procedures rescues receive necessary dental surgeries, mass removals, limb repairs, and prescribed treatment to fight infections – all serviced by licensed veterinary professionals.

To help with these necessary procedures, consider donating.
Contact Animal Wellness Foundation directly at info@animalwellnessfoundation.org with questions about donating.


While dogs and cats are preparing for their new homes, having the proper supplies during boarding or fostering is important for their well being and enjoyment.

Items that the Animal Wellness Foundation accepts are:

  • Un-opened wet and dry food for cats, kittens, dogs or puppies (expiration date must not be less than 3 months away from donation date).
  • Toys (new or in good condition and cleaned). Includes cat tunnels, wand toys, dog chews and squeak toys.
  • Dog harnesses and leashes.
  • Blankets and bedding, including cat igloos and kitten hammocks.
  • Cat scratchers (small or disposable cardboard).
  • Transport carriers, xpens and animal crates.
  • Other accessories may be accepted.
Contact them at info@animalwellnessfoundation.org about your items anytime.


The power of networking through friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors is remarkable! So many animals find homes and help using the word-of-mouth and social media presence of supporters. Follow the Animal Wellness Foundation on Facebook and Instagram (@animalwellnessfoundation) and share away!


Some rescue animals require a special transition period to decompress from the stress of a shelter, abandonment, neglect. Other need time to recover after a recent surgery or illness. The foundation covers all medical expenses and contributes food and accessories to our foster network.

Please reach out for short or long-term fostering opportunities in Los Angeles. Fosters must have a valid drivers license, be 25 or older and have their own vehicle.

Contact info@animalwellnessfoundation.org about fostering.


The best part is connecting homeless animals with their forever families. It is unforgettable and heartwarming to watch each rescue animal blossom into a wonderful companion to their family and to see them finally experience the commitment of a loving home.

View Animal Wellness Foundation adoptable animals here and reach out to them anytime at info@animalwellnessfoundation.org.

Huck’s Story

Huck was almost euthanized before the Animal Wellness Foundation stepped in, seeing a severely neglected 13-year-old Labrador who was still very much alert, mobile and nothing short of sweet. Upon initial examining, doctors at Animal Wellness Centers discovered Huck has advanced ear and skin infections – extremely inflamed skin from untreated mange mites and chronic arthritis.

Three months later, Huck’s chocolate brown hair is filling in and he’s gained 13 pounds! He plays like a puppy, too!

Contact the Animal Wellness Foundation
if you are in Los Angeles, have senior dog experience, and want to help!

Huck’s Journey 


Article by Mel

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