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 For their continued support in helping the homeless
"It is hope that gives life meaning. And hope is based on the prospect of being able one day to turn the actual world into a possible one that looks better."
~ Francois Jacob

In The Spotlight

See Who Is Making A Difference
From Wounded Warriors, the Homeless, Breast Cancer Survivors to Sex Trafficking, the Fight For Gun Safety, and the Fight For Justice in Wrongful Conviction Cases,
Kindness & Hope brings these stories and more to the forefront in a bid to instill the belief that we can all overcome adversity.
Create Change & Live The Life You've Imagined.
Feeding The Hungry & Homeless
A mom & son's random act of kindness amid the heartbreaking destruction of the California Wildfires
Obama helps prep food for the homeless on Thanksgiving Eve
Restoring Your Faith In Humanity:
Thanksgiving at Skid Row
A group of 11-year-old’s assemble over
500 hygiene kits for the homeless on Thanksgiving
A man on a very inspiring mission
Bringing Hope to the Homeless

Kevin Conley embarked on a bicycle tour from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, spreading hope (and food) to the homeless along the way.

Rallying for children
over politics

The heartbreaking stories of children who crossed
into the U.S. without documentation.
And those who are fighting to protect human rights

An Afghan Woman’s
Recount of Escaping Her
War-Torn Homeland
How to help underprivileged moms
this Mother's Day
Living By Your Word
'He started kicking me and spitting in my face': Homeless woman reveals the perils of sleeping on the streets
What Valentine's Day should mean

Homeless In the City Of Angels
Create Change:
How You Can Help Protect Young Athletes from
Sexual Abuse
Homeless In The City Of Angels
Hundreds become a part of #MeToo march
in Hollywood

As Hollywood and beyond continues to be rocked on a daily basis by assault and harassment allegations against public figures, hundreds of people marched on Sunday in support of victims of sexual assault and harassment, inspired by the #MeToo social media campaign.

The Story of Engine 7165

Two Wildland Firefighters from Montana, left their jobs to go help the great folks of Texas after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.
This is their story.

‘Unless someone has danced with death, they don’t realize that life, in itself, is the most precious gift on earth’
Catching up with breast cancer survivor Robin Lagrassa
Honoring Our Vets: Helping Veterans
Live With The Invisible Wounds Of War
The Struggles of Amputee Veterans
Guilty Of Being Innocent
The Longest Walk 5: Native Americans unite, calling an end to drug abuse and domestic violence
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What Does Kindness & Hope

mean to you?

Kindness is about showing people they are loved and matter. Hope to me is about empowering people to find joy within themselves to create a positive impact.

Siobhan Neilland Founder OneMama and ShaBoom Products OneMama

Hope to me is that no matter what life throws your way you always stay hopeful and know that you will always overcome and it WILL get better no matter how far your back is against the wall.

Sonya landed a job with the MTA
Sonya Gordon Life Survivor

Hope is a sign of never giving up because you are showing life that you still believe. A Something to strive for. Its an optimistic attitude.

Robin Lagrassa Breast Cancer Survivor


with Meaning

Kindness & Hope helps women get back on their feet by giving them a complete makeover

We seek to add a sprinkle of happiness into life for those who need it the most, empowering women again


To Change Lives

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” 
― Steve Maraboli